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196 Jeanne Mance St.



I am looking to get a rough quote for an event happening on August 28 ( not sure what the hours are yet maybe 6-11). We are located in Bowman-ville, so everything would have to be brought to us. We have approx. 70 people, so we are looking for appetizers/ dessert ect. We really like the idea of a big pork roast or something like that. You would be responsible for clean up, and serving the guests ect. Looking forward to response, and hear your ideas for the event.

( We were thinking of waiters serving appetizers, and then just a buffet style for the desserts, and pork roast)

Sorry another add in--- Are you guys a licensed catering service, what does your bar fees or drinks menu look like?
Thanks alot


( I would prefer an email response, I work during the day so I am unavailable to pick up my phone.)

[email protected]

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