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Surefire Catering Preparation

When planning to have a party, backyard bbq, or impromptu catered event such as a business meeting or funeral you'll need to find a trusted and respected caterer.  Cost is always important, whether rich, big or small, you'll want to stay within your budget.  Choosing the right menu is key to success, and will directly affect the budget for your event.

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bar service

Bar Service "By the Bottle, By the Glass"

Planning your bar service at your catered event or wedding doesn't have to be a painful experience.  The following terms will help you understand terminology and the different types of bar service and charges associated to each.

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Dinner Party Table - Reserved

Dinner Party Step by Step Guide

Do you suffer the days before hosting a dinner party overwhelmed with anxiety and frustration? What if your friends don't come? What if they don't enjoy the food and entertainment? Resolve these worries by planning ahead and preparing.

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